No Pain No Gain

A few days ago, I had a pretty intense leg and abs work-out session at the gym. At the end of the training session, my trainer said to me “Jenny, a few months ago, you could barely do 30 pounds on the leg press machine…today, you did 65 pounds…with some difficulty, but you did it!” Continue reading No Pain No Gain

Why I Will Think Before Joining the Protest

In 10th grade humanities, my teacher taught me to look at the Greek tragedy play, Antigone, and to analyze it from the aspect of “head versus heart”. Those that think solely with the head and look at things purely through facts and calculations are called heartless. Those that think solely with the heart and act to events purely through impulse and emotions are called brainless.

Neither one of which are good.

Thinking without acting would give you the proper insight on a situation but you might miss the opportunity to act. Acting without thinking will land you in situations where you might regreat your actions later one, but you would be able to capture the window of opportunity.

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Google Maps Pokemon Master – Strategy

This is amazing! Absolutely love it and love how Google has advertised it. I’ve spent some time catching some Pokemons on my phone (haven’t been out to see any yet. Will visit Empire State Building to see if I can see my Pokemon). But the question is… WHERE ARE ALL THE POKEMONS!? One way, spend a LONG time trying to scroll around randomly around the Pokemon Lab (Googleplex) to pick up Pokemons. But here’s a hint on finding some in not so domestic lands: Continue reading Google Maps Pokemon Master – Strategy

2048 Game: Strategy and Thoughts

Games should all be like this. 2048 is a game with 4 simple controls: up, down, left, right. It is played on a 4×4 grid with numbers on it. After swiping (or key press) in any direction, if the numbers hit each other, it will collide to make the sum. This opens up one extra space and a LOT more playable moves. After 2 plays, I got addicted. After sending it to my friend, when I walked over to talk to her after 10 minutes, all she said was “Leave me alone. Don’t distract me.”

Here’s my strategy so far, and will hopefully update as I play more (trust me I’ll be playing more)

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Taiwan is Not a Country – Opening at ITASA ECC 2014

At the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Student Association (ITASA) East Coast Conference at Yale University, I had the honor to open the workshop for the Formosa Association for Public Affairs – Young Professional Group (FAPA-YPG). I was hoping to get a video recording of this, but was unable to so this is a pretty close transciption of what I said (I practiced starting at 4am the day of the workshop). It was a very unconventional opening statement, but I hoped to use it to grab the students’ attention and shake them up a bit. Disclaimer: Edited as I did some research. I had some false information on the original talk. Below is how I would’ve liked to say my opening statement.

Hi my name is Eric Tsai. I was watching the Sochi Winter Olympic Opening a couple of days ago, anyone see that? So I was watching the opening ceremony and I came to a conclusion: Taiwan is not a country

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Anecdotes in Argentina – Hasta Luego


I’ve actually been back from my travels in Argentina for quite some time now. The last #tripception (trip in a trip) that I had while in Argentina was down to El Calafate located in the Santa Cruz province in southern Argentina. I have not had the chance to update as often as I would have liked, unfortunately. However, if you like to hear my stories, feel free to reach out to me!!! While abroad, I kept a travel journal and wrote everything down. Believe me, I have many stories to share.

The reason the series – “Anecdotes in Argentina” – is coming to an end is not only because I’ve been home for a while already, but also because ilivents has a lot of great stuff coming up. Eric and I recently ordered business cards for us, and we are looking forward to getting ilivents out there and heard. We, along with 3 others, will also be speaking as representatives for the Formosan Association of Public Associations – Youth Professionals Group (FAPA-YPG) at the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Student Association East Coast Conference (ITASA ECC) tomorrow at Yale University!

Big things are comings up for ilivents so please keep following 🙂

Anecdotes in Argentina – “Come tango con mi”

While venturing around Buenos Aires, using roads I’ve never explored yet, I saw an helado/ice cream parlor. I thought to myself, yesssss, ice cream + strolling in 90 degree weather = perfect combination. I go in, the guy scooping lets me try some flavors. While paying, he started talking to me, pulling up Google Translate on his computer, “Ah, Google Translate…magic” he exclaims.

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